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About us

Sonatina Musical Center was founded in 2009.

The company is specialized in retail and wholesale of musical instruments and accessories, which covers the whole range from student’s to professional models.

The range of goods in our center is constantly renewed and expanded.

Skilled and experienced specialists work in our musical center. Due to its professionalism and mastership of the products and the features of national market Sonatina in a short period has become the representative in Armenia of leading companies in the field of production of musical instruments and accessories.

Sonatina is the official distributer of such known companies as Petrof (Czech Republic), Weinbach (Czech Republic), Amati (Czech Republic), RS Berkeley (USA), Sanchez Guitars (Spain), Larsen Strings (Denmark), Thomastik Infeld (Austria), Pirastro (Germany), Vandoren (France), Orla (Italy), Buffet Crampon (France), B&S (Germany), Aileen Music (China).

We also cooperate with well-known Premier (England),  Jahn Pianoteile (Germany), Rumberger (Germany) and others .

The work with the producers is accomplished only by direct sales, providing relatively low prices and minimal terms of delivery to customers. In Sonatina center you are always awaited by qualified consultants and you can purchase the instrument you need. Credit sales, flexible system of discount and different actions, making the products more available promote satisfying the customers’ demands.


Sonatina offers:

    ✓ Grand pianos, pianos

    ✓ Stringed, brass, folk, digital instruments

    ✓ Hi-fi

    ✓ Musical accessories, souvenirs, stationery